Sunday, September 22, 2013

Types of Structural Systems in Architecture

Types of Structural Systems in Architecture

1) Rock and Stone
2) Wood Frame
3) Steel Truss and Frame
4) Precast Concrete
5) Reinforced Concrete
6) Prestressed Concrete
Many different structural systems are used in architecture. The type of system used depends on the building's needs. The height of the building, its load bearing capacity, the soil specifications and the building materials all dictate the proper structural system needed for a building. In particular, structural systems have evolved to focus on building up as undeveloped land has become scarce.

a) Geometry
   - Planer, Curvilinear

b) Stiffness
   - Rigid, Flexilble

c) Load Carrying Action
   - Funicular, Blending

d) Span Type
   - One-way, Two-way

Structural System Elements
a) Beam and Column
b) Frame
c) Truss
d) Arch
e) Wall and Plate
f) Cylindrical Shell and Vault
g) Spherical Shell and Dome
h) Cable and Rod
i)Membrane Tent and Net

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